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In-depth financial services knowledge and experience

We understand your delivery and talent requirements

We have been delivering specialist recruitment services to the financial services technology sector since 1994. Edwards Powell (EDP) was founded in 2008, in order, to supply niche technology talent to the financial services industry across the European and Middle Eastern regions.


We specialise in supplying niche core, card and payment systems talent to pier organisations in your industry. We source our talent from both a local and international talent pool. This enables us to provide you with the best talent at the remuneration you specify.


We possess in-depth financial services knowledge and experience across your industry domain, including:


  • Business operational processes and information technology

  • Project life cycle delivery stages and associated resource functions

  • Vendor skills, competency levels, resources and associated tasks 


This makes it easier for you to interact and communicate with us more efficiently. The net result means; your team can be more productive during recruitment cycles.

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