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Talent We Recruit

Our services are primary focused on global talent who can develop strategy, technology, policy, regulatory and compliance frameworks across Fintech & Innovation including Digital Assets & Currencies, AI, ML & Data Science, Open Banking, Payments, Blockchain DLT, DeFi and Sandbox technologies.

Why work with us?

We solve your recruitment challenges

Modern recruiter employing "old school" values 

We fully screen our talent and seek their permission before we submit their resume to you

Relentless searching capabilities

We are like a dog with a bone, we don't give up on searching for difficult to find talent with unique skill-sets.

We know your market  

Our experience enables us to match and supply you with the best talent within the budgets you require.

Global skills database

You get access to our global talent skills database aligned to your technology and industry needs.

Flexible Service Model

You can hire the best talent you want from us, on terms, that work best for you.

Proven track record

We supply core talent to some of the most successful companies within your country and industry sector.

Predictable outcomes

We use a proven “Best Practice” recruitment methodology and approach, ensuring you hire the best talent .

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