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Geographical Focus

Global connectivity. Local delivery

Middle East Recruitment Services 

10+ years serving and supporting financial services organisations across the Middle Eastern region.​

  • Local business partner to manage operations

  • Connected to local, nearshore and offshore skills

  • Ability to attract niche banking skills to the region

  • Work with top tier banks across the GCC region

UK/European Recruitment Services

24+ years serving and supporting financial services organisations across the UK and Europe.​

  • Provided niche skills to 4th largest bank globally

  • Key supplier to largest European network bank 

  • Specialist supplier of niche IT skills to FS industry

  • Global database and connectivity of niche skills

Why work with us?

Solving your recruitment challenges


We know your market  

Our experience enables us to match and supply you with the best talent within the budgets you require.

Global skills database

You get access to our global talent skills database aligned to your technology and industry needs.

Flexible Service Model

You can hire the best talent you want from us, on terms, that work best for you.

Proven track record

We supply core talent to some of the most successful companies within your country and industry sector.

Predictable outcomes

We use a proven “Best Practise” recruitment methodology and approach, ensuring you hire the best talent .

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